The historical cushions are divided in two main groups; ” The Palace Collection” and ”The Antique Collection”. A third group has been started; “The Oriental Collection” which will slowly be designed and constructed/sewn when there is time over from the interior work and special orders for clients.


The cushions that are shown in the three collections are all finished and ready for sale. They are described with pictures, choice of materials, design description, measurements and price for each cushion. As the majority of the cushion collections can not be continued as the fabrics/ textiles are no longer in fabrication or they are vintage or antique, only whole collections are sold from now on. It is therefore no longer possible to buy one or two etc cushions out of a collection.


All interior design products from Gunilla Bielke Design bearing the handwritten label with her signature are classified as Fine Art with a future auction value; meticulously designed and largely hand crafted in precious materials, all signed, numbered and totally unique.